Tile & Grout Cleaning

Get PRIME results from our Experts

Tile and Grout Cleaning can seem like a task that we would like to take on. That’s until we are scrubbing each grout line with a tooth brush and realize how long its going to take us to do the entire floor.

No worries though. With great professionals you get great results. We mean what we say, its done THE PRIME WAY.

We are able to do small 100 square foot sections or 20,000 square foot areas with our specialized equipment and teams.

Reasons To Hire The Experts

Advanced Tools & Resources

Cleaning out dirt buildup in grout lines and the porous surfaces of tile is no easy task. Our team uses industry-grade equipment and solutions that get deep into your flooring to ensure thoroughness with every job.

Personalized, Local Service

We don’t treat every tile cleaning job the same. Your floor has unique needs, so we make sure to create a customized plan and gather the right solutions to give your floor the care it deserves.

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Once you call our team, all your worries and concerns are transferred to us so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our services come with a promise of complete satisfaction.

Clean Floors are Healthier Floors

The dirt and contaminants that become embedded into your tile floors over time can contain unhealthy elements that are in and around your property. This is especially true in areas like the bathroom and kitchen where germs can be prevalent. Surface level cleaning, like mopping or wiping down with a sponge, have only surface level results. We’ll ensure to get deep into your grout lines and tile pores to ensure all bacteria is removed.

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